Transport on Track

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Student Book

Activity 10 A simple electric motor
Motor demonstration program:

6.1 How safe is safe?
Read about the teething problems of high-tech tilting trains on the BBC website:

Acceptable risk?
Rail Safety & Standards Board?s report. Taking safe decisions ? how Britain?s railways take decisions that affect safety:

and a summary:

Resource Pack

Activity and additional sheets

Activity 1: Getting on track

Sites with information about Eurostar:
The European Railway Server:
Eurostar website:

Top ten curious facts about Eurostar:

Information about safety engineering from ERA Technology:

Safety on Eurostar ? Train Protection Warning Systems (TPWS) and Automatic Train Protection (ATP):

Railway Technology: a railway industry website where you can find out about The HS1 link, Channel Tunnel, Pendolino and other trains and train companies:

Safety testing new trains:

The Japanese bullet train:

Glossary of railway terminology:

An overview of the high-speed 1 (HS1) project:

High speed rail in Spain:

Activity 10: A simple electric motor

Motor demonstration program:

Activity 31: Drawing the line

Websites about high-speed rail lines:
Japanese bullet train

An overview of the high-speed 1 project

High-speed rail in Spain

An overview of the high-speed 1 (HS1) project:

Activity 32: Choosing the route

The website of London School of Economics library has collections of pamphlets on the railways:
Follow these links:
Library > Collections > Major print collections > Pamphlets > Transport > Railways

The UK government Department for Transport (DfT) website has many documents about the construction of the Channel Tunnel link, including one about regeneration benefits:

The Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council website explains compulsory purchase orders:

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors website contains an article about compulsory purchase:

The DfT website has a document called Environment and heritage regarding the channel tunnel rail link:

The Kent local authority website has information about Bluebell Hill:

The English Nature website has information about the Wouldham to Detling Escarpment:

Teacher Notes

Activity 9: An electromagnetic force

Interactive diagrams (applets) on Walter Fendt?s website:

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Website of Channel Tunnel Publications:

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Institute of Physics Video Library: Resources/Institute_of_Physics_Resources/page_6460.html

Activity 28: Impact forces and crumple zones

A version of the activity for use with a force sensor and DrDAQ is available for download from the Pico Technology website where it is included in the list of SHAP experiments: